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Basic Numeracy for CSAT General Studies Paper II







An educational tool for anyone attempting the CSAT examination, Basic Numeracy For CSAT General Studies Paper II provides the suitable base to help you ace the paper. This book helps you pass the preliminary examination only after which the aspirant is allowed to sit for the main paper.

This book has been split into five distinctive section, each designed to cover an important portion of the syllabus. The first section aims to develop your calculations, the second section covers number systems and progressions, the third section deals with arithmetic and word based problems, the fourth covers counting, and the fifth is about geometry and measurement.

Basic Numeracy For CSAT General Studies Paper II is sufficient for you to entirely cover all concepts of basic numeracy for your preliminary examinations. The book covers the quickest techniques to explore the syllabus is a must for all CSAT aspirants. This book was published by McGraw Hill Education India Pvt. Ltd in 2012 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:


  • This book includes important supplementary tools such as short-cut methods to each concept and practice questionnaires to help you perfect your understanding of the topics.

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