ISBN: 9788179307427, 9788179307427

General Studies Paper II (Hindi)





Pages: 940


The coverage of the syllabus in this book is concise and includes only what was felt to be absolutely relevant. So a detailed discussion of theory in subjects like Interpersonal Skills and Decision-Making has been eschewed, and more emphasis has been placed on the application aspect in most areas of study. The questions have been devised with an emphasis on quality rather than mere quantity. The Introduction explains the scope of the syllabus and the approach of this book more fully. Here, I would like to acknowledge the help provided by many experts in the various areas of study, some of whom are in the academic field and some in the civil services (and, therefore, having a first-hand knowledge of what kind of attitude and abilities are required in the service), besides the writers of the numerous reference books, without which this endeavour would not have been possible.


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