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Indian Politics By M. Laxmikanth


Unveil the intricacies of Indian politics with “Indian Politics” by M. Laxmikanth. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the political system, governance structures, and democratic framework. An essential resource for students, academics, and enthusiasts.

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Introducing Indian Politics by M. Laxmikanth, an enlightening and comprehensive book that delves deep into the intricate world of Indian politics. This book serves as a reliable guide for those seeking to understand the political landscape, governance structures, and the democratic framework of India.

Written by renowned author M. Laxmikanth, this meticulously crafted book offers an authoritative account of the Indian political system. Laxmikanth’s expertise in the field, coupled with his lucid writing style, makes this book an essential resource for students, academics, and anyone interested in Indian politics.

“Indian Politics” covers a wide range of topics, including the historical evolution of the Indian political system, the constitution of India, the organization and functioning of the government, and the roles and responsibilities of various institutions. From the Parliament and the President to the Prime Minister and the judiciary, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the powers, functions, and interplay of these key entities.

Furthermore, the book explores the electoral process, political parties, and the dynamics of coalition politics in India. It elucidates the principles of federalism and the challenges faced in maintaining a delicate balance between the center and the states. Additionally, it delves into the complexities of the party system, party ideologies, and the influence of regional and caste-based politics.

“Indian Politics” stands out for its well-structured chapters, in-depth analysis, and extensive coverage of relevant case studies and examples. The author presents complex concepts in a simplified manner, making it accessible to readers from various backgrounds. This book also includes numerous diagrams, tables, and illustrations that aid in better comprehension and retention of the subject matter.

Whether you are a student preparing for competitive exams, a political science enthusiast, or a concerned citizen seeking a deeper understanding of the Indian political system, Indian Politics M. Laxmikanth is an invaluable resource that will enrich your knowledge and broaden your perspective. Embark on a journey through the intricacies of Indian politics and gain insights that will help you navigate the complexities of the democratic process in India.


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