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Public Administration


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This book has been created in order to help students preparing for Civil Service Examinations. This book starts from the most basic concept and goes on to explain the most complicated terms in an easy to understand language. Different theories related to civil administration in this book are written in a clear, easy to understand and simple method so as to help you understand concepts clearly.

Apart from this, the book is also helpful in providing insights into the Civil Services at different levels namely, State and District Administration and the Local Government. This book is useful for not only Civil Services exam aspirants but also useful for candidates appearing for competitive exams, students, researchers, academic professionals among many others so as to improve their knowledge.

This book also features study materials divided according to chapters and a question bank in order to improve your level of preparation. Also, the concepts in the book have been updated to provide better information and help in understanding them properly and correctly. The book has been divided into twelve chapters which provide a great deal information on each topic like Financial Administration, Theories of Administration among others. The book also provides information on Administrative Development and New Public Administration.

All in all, this book may be useful for anyone who is interested in appearing for Civil Services exams or any other exams undertaken by the government.

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