The Constitution of India by P. M. Bakshi

Discover “The Constitution of India – P. M. Bakshi.” Gain comprehensive insights into provisions and principles. Essential for students and lawyers






Introducing “The Constitution of India” by P. M. Bakshi, a comprehensive book that unravels the intricacies of the Indian Constitution. Authored by P. M. Bakshi, a renowned legal expert, this book serves as an authoritative guide for understanding the fundamental principles and provisions of the Indian Constitution.

“The Constitution of India” covers a wide range of topics, including the historical background, the Preamble, fundamental rights, directive principles of state policy, the structure and functions of the government, and the role of the judiciary. With meticulous research and clarity, Bakshi presents a detailed analysis of the constitutional framework, making it an essential resource for students, lawyers, and anyone interested in Indian constitutional law.

This book is known for its comprehensive coverage, extensive references to landmark cases, and insightful explanations of complex legal concepts. Bakshi’s lucid writing style ensures that readers can grasp the intricacies of the Indian Constitution with ease.

Whether you are a law student preparing for exams, a legal professional seeking a reliable reference, or a concerned citizen wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the Indian Constitution, “The Constitution of India” by P. M. Bakshi is an indispensable resource. Delve into the constitutional fabric of India and gain valuable insights into the legal foundations of the world’s largest democracy.


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